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Our team of experts will analyze your website and develop a Search Engine Optimization strategy, backlinks, UX, semantics, and content roadmap for your website.

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Are you struggling to get more visitors to your site or not receiving the right leads/conversions? Give your site the boost and attention it needs with our website analysis services. We perform manual and tool-based testing for your website, providing you with a detailed report so that you can implement the changes to reach your digital goals.


Conducting a website analysis before starting any website branding activities is a standard practice in the industry. This allows marketers to understand what strategies to map for clients to get traffic from targeted audiences.

What is included in
Our Website Analysis program?

Services offered by Jay Mehta and his team include SEO audit, Content audit, Design audit, Technical audit, and Competitor analysis.

Our Website Analysis Services includes

Complete Site Audit

Get an overall review of your site’s health as we focus on analyzing the structure and usability of the website.

Mobile-friendly Test

Your website’s user-friendly experience on different devices can increase your traffic significantly. One of the aspects of a website audit performed by Jay Mehta is analyzing whether the website is mobile-friendly and passing the URL through a Mobile-friendly Test.

Web Speed Analysis

Sites that take time to load often lose visitors' interest and therefore note less traffic. In order to convert leads to customers, it is advisable to get the load time under 5 seconds for your website pages. We will conduct an in-depth review manually as well as using certain industry standard tools to make recommendations on the website performance.

Design Audit (UX/UI)

We will evaluate your digital product from several standpoints- usability, UI component continuity, and adherence to the product’s style guide. From this, we will provide an exhaustive report which will resolve further design issues.

Technical Review

Technical issues can hinder your user’s experience, and no one likes it. We offer in-depth technical review to ensure your website is functioning properly & offering scalable results.

Analytics Tools

Jay Mehta & his squad of techno geeks will recommend website analytics tools for your team that will strengthen business operations, enhance security, mitigate risk, and improves decision-making.

Feature Review

We will review the features of the website, and based on the industry and competition, we will make recommendations on adding or removing certain features.

Content Analysis

Your content on the website is something that has the power to hold and convert your audience to your customers. Analyzing your website’s content can give you valuable insights to boost engagement.

Our website analysis pricing & Packages


  • Website Audit
  • Mobile Friendly Test
  • Website Speed & Performance
  • Design Audit
  • Technical Review
  • Analytics Tool
  • Content Analysis
  • Feature Review
  • Ecommerce Analysis
  • Action plan


  • (8 Pages)
  • (8 Pages)
  • Basic
  • (5 pages)
  • $1500 Additional
  • Basic

Jay Mehta can also Assist you with

  • 1-1 Coaching

    We provide customized audit solutions for marketers and CEOs who are looking to work with an expert to enhance their digital marketing strategy and gain higher rankings, traffic, and better positioning. No pressure, no hard selling; let’s have a call if you need assistance.

  • SEO Training

    With SEO Training, you can expect a detailed training session on SEO foundation strategies, SEO terminology, basic technical SEO, and more. On the basis of this knowledge, you will learn how to select keywords and perform keyword research in order to create an effective SEO strategy.

  • Social Media Training

    Jay Mehta has curated a goal-oriented social media training course that offers an understanding of how effectively businesses can use social media, how to create your brand presence, and how smart brands can leverage social media advertising.

  • Website Design Consultation

    When you share your website with a prospect, they expect great taglines, wonderful designs, and amazing creatives. On top of that, they want to know about your business in the most creative yet simplest way. We will analyze your current website, and guide you to create cutting-edge website designs that would bring value to your business.

  • Digital Marketing Consulting & Analysis

    If you struggle to keep up with digital advancements or can't seem to edge beyond your competitors, we are here to support you. We come up with fresh ideas and help you dominate multiple digital channels. To know more about everything digital, talk to Jay Mehta.

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People also ask the following questions about Website Analysis Service

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is an examination process to determine a website’s current functioning state. Different types of audits can be performed to analyze the gaps in your website hindering your visitors from getting a smooth end-user experience.

For how many page websites can you perform the Audit?

The number of pages we audit will vary depending on the package you choose.

  • Basic – 8 Pages
  • Standard – 30 Pages
How long will it take to see the effects of SEO?

The strategies must be implemented consistently for the results of your SEO efforts to reflect on your business. There is no fixed timeline, as it depends on how updated your strategies are in the current market scenario.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is about making your website technically sound to fulfill the checklist to rank on search results. The process involves optimizing servers and websites to make it more efficient for them to be indexed and crawled by search engine spiders.

Is Website Audit Important?

Website audits are crucial to understanding what is working fine for your website and, more importantly, figuring out areas your site needs to improve. An audit can help you decide your next steps in optimizing your site.

My website was developed a few years back, and I believe it needs a redesign. Should I still conduct a website audit?

Yes! A website audit will detail your website’s design flaws, technical SEO, content review, and more. You can use those insights and redesign them for a better UI experience.

Should website audits be done on new sites or old sites?
Website Audit is a health check for your website, whether old or new. If your website growth has hit a roadblock, it is imperative that you get your website analyzed.
What package do you recommend for my website?
The package depends on the number of pages you want to get audited. If you still need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at, and one of our experts will reach out to you to discuss your needs and recommend a package based on that.
I sell products and services online, and I do not get enough sales. Do I need a website audit or just better marketing?

A website audit can work wonders if you sell products and services. Through website audit services, my team will help you identify and bridge the gaps in your website and optimize your website for SERPs and users, resulting in increased conversion rates.

Why should I hire Jay Mehta for Website Analysis?

Jay Mehta has more than 15 years of industry experience; he has learned and unlearned various website development tactics which can help your business flourish.

What is included in the Website Analysis?
Website analysis includes the complete auditing of your site, speed analysis, design audit (UX/UI), technical and feature review, content analysis and more

Case Studies

Grand Old House

One of Grand Old House’s biggest concerns was not getting enough recognition online as the top waterfront restaurant. After the analysis, which included complete website SEO and competitor and customer analysis, I could list the inconsistencies related to inadequate keyword strategy and website visitor journey. Today I am delighted that Grand Old House not only appears in top searches but the bounce rate has also decreased greatly.

Through my actionable analysis





Website Analysis Report


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