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Jay Mehta and his marketing professionals will provide you with consultation services on your marketing strategies and campaigns for better decision-making. Consult the industry leaders to accelerate the growth of your online campaigns and generate high-quality leads to boost sales.

There are many businesses today that are considering paid advertising since it offers a 150%+ return on investment. Therefore, your marketing strategy should include these tactics as well. In spite of having a PPC campaign or a paid marketing campaign on various platforms, if your campaign does not generate leads or has high conversion costs, then your campaign is ineffective, and your ROI is low. With over 15 years of experience and over a billion dollars spent on advertising, Jay Mehta & his team can review your campaign and help skyrocket your marketing.

What's included in our paid marketing consultation Services

  • Goals

    It is most important to set your goals. These metrics will help you stay on track. Your goals on a broader level will fall into the following categories -

    • Increase brand awareness
    • Generate leads
    • Make sales

  • Platform

    Once you recognize your goals, using the right platform is as important. Is your target audience on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?

  • Creative Copy and Design

    A creative ad copy comprises content that nails the pain points of your target audience and design that is as impactful!

  • Landing Page

    Landing Page should be designed keeping in mind the conversion. The page should contain appropriate, effective, and powerful information that goes in tandem with the advertisement.

Let Jay Mehta & his team show you how we can increase traffic to Your Brand.

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  • Are you using the right advertising platforms?

    When it comes to publishing ads, there are numerous popular platforms available, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Marketing Platform, but how do you determine the right advertising platform for your business?

    Get an experienced perspective from the industry expert Jay Mehta.

  • How do you use social media to your advantage?

    No matter your business, having a social media presence can benefit you by helping you connect with a new pool of target audiences globally. You can build a loyal customer base and run platform specific ads and divert traffic to your website! The advantages are endless!

    Unlock numerous possibilities with Jay Mehta and his team of social media experts!

Services we Offer

Being the experts in this field, we offer an elaborative review of your brand’s website and existing digital marketing strategies to
help you stay ahead of the competition.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors and gaining insights into their products, sales, strategies, and more. Our competitor analysis begins by identifying and classifying your potential competitors to assess them accurately and creating a competitor matrix to gather all the background information about the competitor and its customers.

Paid Campaign Auditing

Our expert consultant Jay Mehta with his team will conduct an exhaustive auditing of your online campaigns to ensure that you are maximizing the efficiency across all your ad campaigns. Google Analytics, Conversion tracking, Ad Evaluation, Keywords, Bid Strategy, and more such subjects will be reviewed so that you achieve desired exposure and increase conversion rates.

Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Recommendations

To boost the conversion rate of your landing page, we recommend a full-proof digital marketing evaluation of your entire landing page. This process will include discovering elements hindering potential growth and suggesting updates to optimize your landing page.

Campaign Strategy

With our understanding of your target market, products, or services, setting the purpose of your campaign, measuring KPIs for each medium, selecting a timeline & choosing the channels to advertise your ad campaign, and more, we craft an explicit report.

Retargeting and Dynamic Marketing

Digital marketing is all about being visible to your audience, and to get it right, marketers use strategies like Retargeting and Dynamic Marketing to convert visitors into customers. Jay Mehta & team will use best practices to determine the reason why your online campaigns are not reaching your target audience and not showing desired results.

Targeting and Segmentation

Yield outstanding results in your business with our targeting and segmentation marketing analysis. We filter your market into categorical segments to analyze your customers and live campaigns, giving you a piece of distinct information to choose an ideal audience to target and design a campaign around it.

Channel Insights and Trends

As a sophisticated marketing team, we will furnish you with the latest trends and synchronized information across all touchpoints with your customers, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to enhance the success of your campaign.

Our paid marketing consultation pricing & Packages


  • Price
  • Campaign Planning
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Landing Page Review
  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Scheduling
  • Platform Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Action Plan

Budget Under

$2000Start now just paying $700
  • Basic

Budget Under

$10000Start now just paying $3000
  • Comprehensive

Initialization paid ads consultation

Jay Mehta can also Assist you with

  • 1-1 Coaching

    We provide customized audit solutions for marketers and CEOs who are looking to work with an expert to enhance their digital marketing strategy and gain higher rankings, traffic, and better positioning. No pressure, no hard selling; let’s have a call if you need assistance.

  • SEO Training

    With SEO Training, you can expect a detailed training session on SEO foundation strategies, SEO terminology, basic technical SEO, and more. On the basis of this knowledge, you will learn how to select keywords and perform keyword research in order to create an effective SEO strategy.

  • Social Media Training

    Jay Mehta has curated a goal-oriented social media training course that offers an understanding of how effectively businesses can use social media, how to create your brand presence, and how smart brands can leverage social media advertising.

  • Website Design Consultation

    When you share your website with a prospect, they expect great taglines, wonderful designs, and amazing creatives. On top of that, they want to know about your business in the most creative yet simplest way. We will analyze your current website, and guide you to create cutting-edge website designs that would bring value to your business.

  • Digital Marketing Consulting & Analysis

    If you struggle to keep up with digital advancements or can't seem to edge beyond your competitors, we are here to support you. We come up with fresh ideas and help you dominate multiple digital channels. To know more about everything digital, talk to Jay Mehta.

Get more from your ad campaign

Our paid marketing consultation will help you recognize the shortcomings in the marketing campaign and guide you through to make it perfect!
Consult Jay Mehta and his team of experts today!

People also ask the following questions about Paid Marketing Consultation Service

How can I communicate with Jay Mehta?

Jay Mehta is available for a call between Monday to Friday. You can schedule a call and connect with him over skype.

How can I get a quote for my project?
You can schedule a call with Jay Mehta, a marketing mastermind. He will provide you with a pricing quotation covering all the requirements of your project.
How will I know I am receiving a good ROI?
Metrics like CPL, Conversion Rates, CTR, customer lifetime value, customer retention, overall revenue, and more will help you determine your ROI scenario.
Why do I need to get paid marketing consultation services?
To help you determine why your campaigns are not delivering effective results and what can be done to optimize them.
What is included in the paid marketing consultation services?
Our services include keyword analysis, campaign planning, platform analysis, budget analysis, and competitor analysis.
I have outsourced my paid marketing. Do I still need to get paid marketing consultation?
If your outsourced consultants are not showing desired results, you should consider getting a second opinion and understand what is wrong with your existing marketing campaigns.
My budget is below $2000 will you still assist with paid marketing consultation?
Absolutely. We have a consultation package that is under $2000. Check out the package details to know what it covers.
I don't have a paid marketing campaign active yet. Can you still assist?
Yes, Moreover, it’s a great decision to get assistance right from the beginning for the potential growth of your business.
Does the paid marketing campaign also include social media ads?
Certainly. The paid marketing campaigns also include social media ads. Once you discover where your target audience can be found, you can run ads on that specific social media platform.