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Holistic consultation, from Website Aesthetics to SEO

Our website development consulting services provide your team with all the information and knowledge it needs to make intelligent decisions no matter if you are building a new website or rescuing a failed web project.

To meet your business goals and users’ needs, it’s paramount to communicate your company’s core value proposition clearly. Our team will represent your brand in the finest light possible, whether it’s a corporate website, campaign landing page, or e-commerce platform.

What do our website design consultation services Include

Detailed Website Planning and Scoping

Get a website design consultation to map a plan discussing the niche of your business and lay out a scope for your website structure. Jay Mehta and his team will review the number of pages, tonality, and policies to align your website design with your customer base.

Features and Website Functionality Review

We will conduct a detailed website review based on your industry, your target marketing, and your competition and, based on that, recommend either adding or removing certain features from the website.

Lead Flow & Conversions

Being the initial step in bringing customers to the company, lead generation is considered a top priority. Jay Mehta’s team of tech wizards will provide comprehensive recommendations to convert visits to leads and leads to potential customers.

UX/UI Review

We will review and evaluate the user interface elements of your website. This process can help designers improve the user experience and resolve complex design issues.

SEO Planning and Consulting

Your business’s website should be SEO-friendly if you want your website to rank, and this is where Jay Mehta and his team of SEO experts come into the picture. Jay Mehta and his team will estimate potential target groups to help your design strategy based on your current market response.

Sitemap & Wireframe Creation

Your website should have a sitemap that provides an overall view of the whole website. The sitemap contains the hierarchy of website pages for users to navigate easily on your website. Jay Mehta & team will provide industry-standard pointers to draft your business's most engaging and user-friendly website.

Technology Review and Options

Know how to improve your website’s design and make it sound from a technological perspective by scheduling a meeting with Jay Mehta. We will review your current technology and recommend which CMS systems and analytics tools to be used.

Website Speed Optimization

With the audience’s attention span reducing rapidly, anything that lags in this era of high-speed internet is a buzzkill and will not help you convert your audience into your customers. It is of the utmost importance that your website’s speed performance is better than your competitors. Contact Jay Mehta today to get a detailed report on the speed of your website and the scope of improvements.

Data Imports and API Review

Review if your Website’s design can handle large documents, images, and Relativity Dynamic Objects.

Our website design consultation pricing & Packages


  • Pages
  • Competitors Review
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Content Review
  • Functionality Review
  • SEO Review
  • Lead Flow & Conversions
  • API Review
  • Technology Review
  • Action plan


  • 5
  • Basic
  • Basic


  • 20+
  • Basic
  • Quote on Request
  • Comprehensive

Jay Mehta can also Assist you with

  • 1-1 Coaching

    We provide customized audit solutions for marketers and CEOs who are looking to work with an expert to enhance their digital marketing strategy and gain higher rankings, traffic, and better positioning. No pressure, no hard selling; let’s have a call if you need assistance.

  • SEO Training

    With SEO Training, you can expect a detailed training session on SEO foundation strategies, SEO terminology, basic technical SEO, and more. On the basis of this knowledge, you will learn how to select keywords and perform keyword research in order to create an effective SEO strategy.

  • Social Media Training

    Jay Mehta has curated a goal-oriented social media training course that offers an understanding of how effectively businesses can use social media, how to create your brand presence, and how smart brands can leverage social media advertising.

  • Digital Marketing Consulting & Analysis

    If you struggle to keep up with digital advancements or can't seem to edge beyond your competitors, we are here to support you. We come up with fresh ideas and help you dominate multiple digital channels. To know more about everything digital, talk to Jay Mehta.

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People also ask the following questions about Website Design Consultation Service

What does a website consultation involve?
Website consultation involves consultants assisting brands and businesses with the review of design layout, content, and development of the website backend.
Do you charge for consultations?

Yes, with Jay Mehta, you get the best industry packages according to your business needs.

We majorly have three packages (Basic- $2500, Standard – $4500 & Advanced – $8000) comprising competitors review, SEO review, lead generation assistance & more.

Can you help me plan my web project?
We’re delighted to assist you with all your web project queries; book a consultation today.
I am not sure what package is best for me; please suggest.
The package depends on your needs and your current knowledge of website design. If you still need help understanding which course is best for you, please feel free to reach out to us at, and one of our experts will reach out to you to discuss your needs and recommend a package based on that.
I don't have a website. Should I still go with a website design consultation?

Yes, this is absolutely essential if you have a website or are planning to create one. During the website design consultation process, we will review various aspects of your business and make recommendations to create an optimal digital presence. If you’re planning to develop a website in the future, we will assist you in deciding what core elements need to be included in your website.

Does Jay Mehta and his team also design and build websites?
We exclusively provide website consultation services, but we will offer access to our trusted partners who can help you build your website and design.
How long does it take to get a report of website design consultation?

The term of consultation will largely depend on the industry you are associated with and various other factors, but roughly it will take anywhere between 1-4 weeks for a detailed review.

Would I also receive a presentation along with the report?
Yes, you will receive a presentation along with an extensive report.
Why should I hire Jay Mehta for Website Design Consultation?

Jay Mehta and his team of website specialists, have designed and built numerous websites. They can guide you well as to what designs, interface go best with your website.